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I invite you to come with me to visit my Clan’s ancestral Rock Art site.

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About the Rock Art

We want to share the stories that the Rock Art depicts. These are stories that can only be told by Elders of our Clan, as they give us our history, our identity and our sense of belonging.

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Protecting our Heritage

We would like to give you an insight into our culture and society to share our ancient philosophy, which shows us how to engage the environment in order to better understand ourselves.

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Guurrbi Tours is CLOSED. Willie Gordon has retired from the business.

Guurrbi Tours

Willie launched Guurrbi Tours in 2003, operating on a shoe-string with no government funding. Today Willie’s magical Aboriginal tours are recognised as one of Australia’s must-do experiences, and his small business has received a host of accolades, both here and overseas.

In 2007 he received the Gnunkai Best Indigenous Tour Guide Award, and in 2008 was particularly proud to be named Cook Shire’s Citizen of the Year. The Award recognized his contribution to promoting the region and its Aboriginal culture; his work with at-risk youth, and his great contribution to increasing the understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and communities.

Rainbow Serpent Rock Art Tour

On this award-winning tour Aboriginal Elder, Willie Gordon, takes you through a dramatic landscape to six rock art sites, including the Rainbow Serpent Cave and an ancestral Birth Site where Willie’s grandfather was born. Along the way you’ll learn some of the traditional survival techniques of the Nugal-warra people.

About the Rock Art

Contrary to popular belief, Aboriginal rock art is not simply an ancient art form: it is a practice that has continued to within the past one hundred years. Willie’s grandfather lived on these lands, and may well have contributed to some of the more recent rock paintings.

About Wille

Willie Gordon, Nugal-warra Elder and Guugu Yimithirr speaker, is passionate about his Aboriginal culture and spirituality. Much of his knowledge was handed down by his father. As a small boy Willie would accompany him on hunting trips, learning about the land, its bush tucker, bush medicines and stories.

An experience I will never forget in my life time

Richie Davis, NSW

A beautiful, meaningful, intimate and special tour

Helen Tarrant, Cairns

The best thing I’ve done in Australia

Henrietta, France

Awe inspiring. Wonderful knowledge.. An honour to share such a beautiful place

Penny Smith, NSW